dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The gift of bad wordplay.

You'll have noticed over the years that the Pattersons have the unlovely habit of using forced wordplay as a sort of round-about means of expressing themselves. We're coming up to a prime example of that in the early future when John tells Mike and Lizzie that yes, they gotta wait for the olds to stumble out of bed in the morning before they can attack their stuff. Instead of doing being one kind of idiot and browbeating them about the need to include Jim and Marian in the magic, John says something stupid about "age before booty" to sort of jolly them into accepting the inevitable.

That sort of irritating groaner would have been bad enough were it not for the fact that John continued to make stupid comments that revealed a rather cynical outlook about the holiday season. I mean, sure, he's the poor bastard who's gotta worry about paying for all of the holiday goodies but there are better ways of expressing one's frustration than being a wise-ass.
Tags: holidazed pattersons, john needs vitamin stfu

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