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Creeping up appearances.

Here's an interesting little thought experiment for you; take any strip that has Mike and Lizzie acting like ordinary children (like, say, this one that's going to be reprinted in a little while) and tell yourself what you see. If you're like me, you'll see two children who are just a little bit wiggy about seeing their grandparents being told to settle down by stuffy and anxious parents with a zero tolerance policy for child-like behaviour and a baffling need to reassure people who don't care one way or another that they're large and in charge. The reason that I mention this and similar incidents is that we're able to tell something else about the Pattersons by watching them: they aren't at all good at predicting what people think of them despite worrying about their public image being a crippling obsession.

This, as I said when I talked about the Easter strip, is because they're not especially bright and tend to think people are more worried about them than they actually are. My guess is that John and Elly still to this day bitterly resent the fact that Mike and Lizzie disgraced them in front of millions of people who judged them harshly for being weak parents who couldn't control them despite that not being a fact at all. It would have alarmed, angered and confused them if they were to overhear someone in the airport lobby on the white courtesy phone talking out the idiot woman whose dad made the asshole comment about having iron BVDs screaming at her children as if the world would end if her kids were naughty. This is because the reason why they suck at guessing what people think of them is that they think they're a lot more important than they are and the judgmental world they live in is as dead as buggy whips and whale-bone corsets. After all, in the real world, Grown-up Iodine had to make the following choice as regards Effie Tremblechin: 'casket' or 'urn'.
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