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On using a good friend.

The odd thing about this Christmas is that it sets up the B-plot that serves as a distraction over the last few months of what Lynn calls the Early Years: Annie's pregnancy with Leah. The irritating thing about that is that we have to deal with an irritating tendency Anne has that makes the lives of people around her worse: her addiction to learned helplessness. What appears to be going on is that she looks at the people around her as being placed on this Earth to cater to her refusal to do things for herself. Take, as by way of example, her lovely habit of ambushing Elly and cadging a ride off of her. Her reasoning seems to have been "Taking the car out is too much of a bother so I'll just waylay someone I don't see as having an obvious alibi for not servicing my needs." It never seems to occur to her that people might actually not have time for her because she'd rather they drop everything because she can't do things for herself because that's not what the princesses in the Disney films did.

The reason that she gets away with being such a worthless parasite is that Elly is consumed with the desire to project an image of helpfulness and decency no matter what the cost to herself and those around her might be. As it would be with Fiona, Annie is one of the faults Elly is generous to. I should think that this and not the fact that she 'flaunts' the fact that Lawrence doesn't have a dad is why Annie really resented Connie. Deep down, she realizes that Connie is a bad influence in that Elly would prefer to bend over backwards to please someone she sees as being a sister and not as a joke. It's also why Anne never had many friends growing up. No one wants to pound sand in her rat hole and it shows.
Tags: anne nichols: whining parasite

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