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On the aging of parents.

The recent reprint in which Elly felt angst because while she was growing older, her parents were also doing so has something of an echo in a strip set in the early 2000s in which Liz feels angst because John and Elly are becoming old people before her eyes. The reason that I mentioned this is that it seems that there's an asymmetry in their motives. While Liz joins Phil and pretty much every person on the planet in lamenting the eventual necessity of parenting her parents, it occurs to me that, given the fact that I have yet to see Liz stress about aging before her time, that Elly has an extra reason to fear her parents aging. Somewhere behind the sentiment is the dreadful realization that if Jim and Marian can die, she isn't safe either.

This is because my gut tells me that Elly's strip is a sort of a hand-maiden to all the strips in which she wakes up, looks in the mirror and sees a decrepit old crone who's let life pass her by without ever getting anything accomplished. What she doesn't do is see the rather presentable person who's got plenty of time left to get what she wants done because she, I should think, cannot do so. This is because she never seems to remember that the second she stopped wanting to look older, she instantly mutated into a vain and messed-up freak who thinks that she's five seconds away from dying of rampaging senility. This dread of death without having accomplished anything or being recognized for what she did do compounds Elly's terror of a thing that was scary enough.

Of course, the really sad thing is that just as Lizzie wasted her youth convinced that everyone hated her because she was ugly just like Elly did, it occurs to me that as I type this, Anthony is making a stupid wisecrack about the wrinkles and flab Liz falsely thinks she's got. This is sort of depressing but one simply has to take the good with the bad. I just wish there weren't so much of the bad, that's all.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus the passage of time

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