dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On being sand in the chewing gum of life.

Of course, John's having his head up his arse about how people aren't grateful that he tells them the truth is matched by Elly having her head wedged somewhere as regards what the people around her need to do to be positive members of society. A recent Lynnsight which had Lynn speculate that the reason people picked on her children is that they didn't feel included in her strip suggests a rather unsettling ignorance as to how people actually behave. A normal person would realize that this would not make everything magically okay but Lynn is not a normal person.

What Lynn seems to be is a rather unrepentant bully who lashed out because of her own insecurity and fear of a world that seemed to be trying to make her lose all the time and like it. Rather than see that other bullies target children because they're jerks who kinda like to watch kids squirm because it makes them happy, she gave a filthy sadist who decided to jam it to her youngest for no better reason than it pleased him into a freaky little mutant who was lashing out at a stand-in for a dad who followed an evil, distracting star instead of buckling down and being a square. Never does it occur to her that bullies can be found in normal-looking, non broken homes because her brain is made of self-pity and television shows.

This lack of real insight into the problem is why it is that I'm sort of pumped to see her contribution to the Bullying Is No Laughing Matter campaign. Her protege Eliot is aware that the problem is deeper than harmonicas and tough to solve but her....not so much. We're dealing with a soppy moron who thinks that being nice to people like Jeremy Jones is going to pay dividends because of her own stupid issues.
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