dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The gift of technohypocrisy.

As we all know, Elly's lack of mechanical aptitude, patience and brain power make it very difficult for her to co-exist with the on-line world. We are, as we all know, dealing with a woman who can hear someone who knows what he's talking about tell her "Your computer is fried because you didn't maintain it, you stupid old cow" and come away with feeling awesome because he "confirmed" her suspicion that computers are useless pieces of junk built by evil, conflict-causing men for the evil purpose of making an open-minded person like her look like a hide-bound, dimwitted, ham-fisted and short-tempered stick in the mud who doesn't know what she's doing and who is also too vain and sullen to ask for help or to learn things. Why, we even see her try to horse open a jewel case to a CD because the silly old fool thinks "Records slide out of sleeves, always have and always will so this thing MUST be stuck" because she won't learn the new way because to her, it means a defeat and humiliation.

The reason that I mention this is that the self-same old stick in the mud who's sick with nostalgia for an idealized past that any major dude will tell you wasn't nearly as fun, pleasant or magical as her yearning for a time where she wasn't on the spot all the time made it has the temerity to lecture her less rigid parents about the need to adapt. It's a lot like watching Deanna simper that she deserved better than cohabitation turn right around and tell her mother that she would settle for it just to punish her for getting away with not obeying DADDY!!!!!

In both cases, we're dealing with a narrow-minded idiot with a martyrdom complex and a need to make people "play fair" by obeying her every stupid whim irritate her mother by posing as being more liberal than she actually is. The problem is that Marian and Mira never twigged to the fact that their children are far more reactionary than they could ever have hoped to be.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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