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The Inconveniencing of 1985 and the precedent it sets

The interesting thing about the current arc is that Elly thinks that it's pretty much a given that she and John had to give up the master bedroom in order to be seen as good hosts. After all, we had to deal with the fact that she browbeat Mike into sleeping on a crappy air mattress in order to 'prove' to Connie and Lawrence that she and the rest of the family weren't selfish and awful so it's sort of a thing that she lives with the silly expectation that yes, she has to take it up the ass in order to be thought of as a nice person the Quality Women will approve of. This, I should think, is because she has to deal with a father who seems to think that the world is so arranged that he gets the pigs' share of every damned thing who raised a son with a similar insouciant disregard for the rights and wishes of other people and a mother who only ever started to warm to the idea of letting Elly win arguments because looking at her own behaviour from the outside finally made her realize what a total freaking omnishambles she was as Elly's mother.

Sadly, Elly will never have the same epiphany because she's too busy trying to prove herself to her zombified moron parents and is averse to learning things. This means that she's going to repeat inconveniencing herself and her family in the name of being thought of as being good people. While we see a lesser form of the infection in four years time when she and John stupidly decide to save money on a hotel room by cramming everyone into Exile Farm like imbeciles, the ultimate example of her need to make the family's life worse in the name of phony graciousness was the Housening. To this day, she doesn't regret letting Mike dither and take her house away nor does she regret treating April like a piece of furniture no one wanted. Hell, she doesn't even regret letting Liz do her grieving widow dog in a manger lie in a fetal position call April pickyface because she's too bratty and selfish to cope with the real world thing because she's being gracious. The only thing is that she wanted to inconvenience herself without actually being inconvenienced.
Tags: elly on her cross, the housening

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