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Jim Richards and the flickering blue parent.

The interesting thing about Lynn is that she's got herself convinced that her mildly prosperous family was deprived because of one necessity that her father balked at acquiring: a television set. Marian's Liography hints as to why Mr Ridgway might have been reluctant by having Jim state a preference for a more active form of entertainment. Given that Jim has threatened to blow up television sets because Mike would rather watch his favourite show than listen to the old grouch on the couch, it would appear that he has a slightly more personal stake in things than his usual witless blathering about societal change that might require him to be the one to adapt for once. We gain a hint into what that might be when we have adult Elly remind herself of how 'ungrateful' she and Phil were to embrace popular culture instead of letting Daddy monopolize the creative conversation.

As I said long ago, it's quite obvious that his animosity is not Elly's animosity. Where she fears a world that's out to destroy her, he resents a world where his voice is drowned out by others. He might use the language of apocalypse and squeal about society heading to the rapids because people don't use their free will to behave the same way he does like they're supposed to but the apocalypse he really fears is one in which he's told to shut up because he has nothing to say. This, combined with Marian's innate dread of chaos and anarchy has resulted in a daughter who's scared of dangerous information because of her belief that the less a child knows, the safer he or she is.

The problem with the sort of reasoning that has Elly tremble with fear about dangerous information and Jim make screechy remarks about how society is headed for collapse is that neither person wants to answer the question "Who watches the watchmen?" because the answer is not to their taste. I'll get to that tomorrow.
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