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"Make my mind up for me!": Elly's substitute for responsible parenting.

Before I get to the point of this essay, I'd like to share an interesting thing that I recently learned that helps make said point. It appears that a British broadsheet of, by and for the paranoid lunatic right ran a story about an isolated incident in which a fox attacked and killed some pensioner; the end result is that at least one person barricaded his house because since the Daily Fail said it, there must be armies of foxes racing about killing old people everywhere. This sort of not really laughable situation is owing to two factors.

The first said factor is that news media are really good at using a logical fallacy called "ab uno, disce omnes"; since we've gotten into the ugly habit of teaching common sense in a foreign language, I'll translate it into the English "from one, learn all." This is why one isolated and possibly anomalous incident is said to be a universal trend. It's like saying that since one clerk who's just starting out is out of her depth, Elly gets to treat them all like simpletons.

The second said factor is that for a lot of people, the sort of news outlet that screams about the plague of foxes come to devour us all is the only window they have on the world. This, I should think, is the peril Elly refuses to face when she starts cowering in fear about dangerous information and blathering about how it used to be and still should be censored. Given that she clearly wants she wants someone else to do her thinking and parenting FOR her, it never seems to occur to her that the Daddy she trusts to do her thinking for her might not be working in her own best interests.

This is because she's too stupid to realize that most of the double standards she railed against as a kid were the end result of people letting other people decide what information was dangerous. As by way of example, Jim clearly seems to have thought that the idea that a woman could function in society without a husband or kids holding her back dangerous in the extreme and so did the Quality Women so, yeah, there's that to be considered.
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