dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On John and his involvement in the soap opera.

The interesting thing about the soap opera that Lynn kept trying to turn the strip into because of her bizarre preoccupation with pairing people off is that John seems to present for a singular purpose: trying to stir up conflict when none should exist. We saw this last July when he made a witless, ill-informed comment about how Phil was clearly still obsessed with a Connie who only meant anything to him when he couldn't have her and we're about to see it in a few days when he invites Ted in to get more conflict boiling.

The reason that John seems to be the ideal vehicle for this sort of stunt is somewhat simple: he made the mistake of assuming that yes, Elly still wanted Connie to marry Phil so as to give Lawrence a father who wasn't Ted. What he probably assumed would happen is that at some point, Phil and Connie would pair off and leave Ted and Georgia in their wake because his wife declared that this relationship was meant to last. The problem is that he was about twenty years too early to hop on board a Settlepocalypse train.
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