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The dismal denouement of the soap opera.

The other interesting thing that I've noticed about the soap opera is that after Ted slumps off in defeat, we never really see him and Connie talk to one another afterwards. Connie talks about how Ted cheated on her with Irene and how it is that Ted blows his chances with everyone because he never got it through his thick skull that he's supposed to a one-woman man if he wants to be taken seriously but after she rings out the old next week, they never seem to lay eyes on each other.

The reason that I mention this is that we also never see Connie and Phil interact after this year either. Despite her moving back in triumph with Greg and his money, she never seems to have thought to maybe mend the fences with the man and actually be friends with him. This is not just because she's the creation of a woman who can't believe that a man and woman can't not pair off and the like. It's as if Connie is sort of terrified of having to be near anyone she's left behind. This, I should think, is because she might fear asking the question "What if the problem was me after all?"

Failing that, she could simply have convinced herself that since she and Ted had nothing to say any longer, it was best to avoid him. After all, she was happily married and couldn't possibly be seen talking to a single person any more than she could talk to Georgia because she outgrew Phil or Elly's parents because they were old people who would spout unsolicited advice. This sort of sweeping declaration as to who cannot be spoken to seems to me to be the only rational explanation for Lynn's inability to imagine a scenario in which more than three people speak to one another.
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