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The crosstalk perplex.

As you know, one of the things that bothered me about the sequence that made Liz decide that she had to marry Jim while he was still alive is that we never actually saw her talk to him. Lynn's explanation (which, of course, disappeared because it was on a section of the site that was filled with evil criticism that tells her that what she does isn't good enough and thus is hurtful hurtfulness that's meant only to hurt her) is that if she had to put Liz in the conversation, she'd still be drawing the strip. This, as you will recall, is the same justification she gave for her not wanting to point out that yes, the Pattersons DID take April to the outpatients for observation after the Farley thing.

The reason that I mention this is that despite the fact that we're promised CHAOS!! for the Holidays, we don't actually get it. What we get is the usual mess in which Jim and Marian play tag team with Connie and Ted and no one else actually appears. This is because Lynn doesn't seem to be able to imagine a situation in which more than one plot thread can be going on at a time. We can either have Jim being restively retired, Marian being a bitch to Elly, Connie kicking Ted to the curb or Lawrence talking about his new life and how odd it is looking at a reminder of his past but we can only have one of those things. One cannot lead into another or connect to something else because that is simply not how Lynn's mind works. It's like the strip with Lizzie using the curling iron on her dolly. Either Elly can get ready to go out or she can think about where Lizzie is but cannot do both because that's "impossible;" this leads to constant whining about how her mental defect is defensively said to be the human experience.
Tags: lynn fails everything forever., lynn j: outlier in denial

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