dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The final fate of Doctor Ted.

As you know, Ted's reaction to the realization that yes, Connie had for some unfathomable reason decided for whatever reason woman decide things that she had fallen in love with someone who wasn't him was to marry his secretary Irene. Things seemed to him to be chugging along in their own merry way when, according to him, he was taken by surprise by her having left him and making reference to a divorce lawyer. Worse still, his old buddy John said that it was all his fault because of his harmless act of engaging in meaningless extra-marital sex with anything that had a pulse. The conclusion that he seemed to draw from this is that his settling down was the mistake and that women did things for bizarre reasons that seemed to be designed to limit his freedom of action.

The lesson we are supposed to draw from this is that Ted witlessly doomed himself because he simply refused to understand the world in which he lived. As I've said before, he never seemed to have gotten it through his thick skull that the women he ran around on had feelings that got hurt or that the mother who seemed to not want to have a daughter-in-law cramping her style didn't know best after all. When last seen in the strip, he'd devolved into a creepy old man hitting on people Liz's age to the disgust of her and her peers and the simmering rage of the up-and-coming young men having to deal with some ludicrous hold-over from the seventies in a polyester leisure suit stinking up the place. This, I should think, is Lynn's ultimate means of giving a huge middle finger to the first husband she'd driven away by having a harmless friendship and not at all emotional affair with the soon-to-be second. Rather than admit to being the bad guy, she'd made the other guy look like a sap.
Tags: irene: the x-factor, ted: playah dood

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