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On being so ignorant about his own life: more on Moron John.

The odd thing that I've noticed about John is that he's full of great advice about how Ted should conduct himself. If Ted needs reminding that the reason he fails as a love interest is that he never seems to realize that the women he steps out on have a right to feel as if he doesn't think they really matter, John is there to set him straight. John, you see, is loaded with great advice about how to run the world. Too bad that most of it can be called a load of one unpleasant commodity or another.

The reason is that he thinks that he's a neutral, unbiased observer who thinks what everyone would think in a given situation when we know that he's incredibly biased. He's biased in favor of getting his own way, he's biased in favor of assuming that Elly's discontent is due to crazy woman hormones instead of anything he either is or is not doing and he's especially biased in favor of thinking that the kids were plopped onto the surface of the Earth to unquestioningly obey his every super reasonable and not at all self-serving and arbitrary command. This is because, as I've said before, he's biased in favor of seeing people as stereotypes instead of learning things because doing so would tend towards the dangerous concept of his not actually being right about something.

As if his self-willed ignorance as to who the people in his family are is not bad enough, the following glib, meandering comment:

Boy, as a dentist who works in 10 minute segments, it's incredibly frustrating to see how slow and wasteful the court system is. There seems to be absolutely no accountability for the time they take or the gross inefficiencies they have, and further, they don't care that Liz has to take oodles of time off. Every time there's a slight bump or concern, the whole thing is delayed and put off. Liz then has to take more time off! Obviously it is organized by those who never have been good at efficiency or accountability. It seems they just want it to be drawn out and take way longer than it should. I should take a week to do a root canal and charge by the hour!

about the alleged inefficiency of a court system as compared to filling a tooth tells us that someone spent most of his time in civics class mentally undressing the girls in the room instead of paying attention to the boring stuff about 'due process of law' and all that other boring stuff that gets in the way of the lynch mob mentality that Whitey McCrackerass thinks is normal, just and good. John would rather not think about things like context and nuance because, as I've said, the realization that he might be wrong would make of him the bad guy in the equation.
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