dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the probable end of the notes.

As we all know, Lynn seems to have gotten into the habit of having her website changed over the Christmas holidays. It was two years ago or so that the Coffee Talk letter column closed down because she got bored having to listen to evil, cruel and selfish haters who hate her because they ask more of her than she felt like delivering and it was one year ago that the evil reminder of evil people wanting her to tell an evil lie about how she could do better if she tried vanished all together.

The reason that I mention this is that it might be that she's declaring an end to annotating the strips before the last strip in the last treasury is reprinted. This seems rather a shame because she gets way too enthusiastic about some things. As by way of example, she freely admits to creating Irene for the express purpose of reminding all of us that Ted is too self-absorbed to have a mature relationship with anybody. All she's there for is to show up, get accidentally dissed by idiot Elly who just HAS to talk about how Ted will surely cheat of her only to be told something she and Lynn hear as an order to smile and root for adultery, get cheated on and leave to prove that Ted is a bad pony we should never bet on.

We'll also probably be denied a few Little Lindy shows and, if things run true to form, an incoherent bit of nonsense about how Mike's not wanting to be called lazy and selfish reveals that the Pattersons were starting to become people in their own right instead of an easy way for Lynn to vent about how the family who got too close for comfort disappointed her.
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