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The real outing arc and why Lynn remembers it wrong.

As we all know, Lynn tends to think that Mike and Lawrence are natural bestest best friends forever because they have being scruffy little boys in common. It doesn't matter that Mike comes from a sitcom-approved family of an oaf father, wacky mother, himself, a precocious sister and a dog and Lawrence is the biracial son of a divorced woman, they're little boys and that should be enough (even though it is not) because she's always seen boys as being an undifferentiated mass of people who tell her to go play with her dollies. What she tends to not remember at all properly is that Mike's friendship with Lawrence is a casualty of his being outed. We start things off with Mike freaking out and wanting to talk sense into Lawrence and then badgering his former friend about his need to come clean to his parents about this problem. The end result of that is that we have at least three homophobic shits posturing as being noble and heroic because they don't want to run the deviant out of town.

What we also have is Lynn deciding that she no longer really liked the character any longer. We wound up with Mike spending most of his time talking to Gordon about his exciting new life as host for his parasitic family and then the weird-ass bromance with Jo Weeder during and after University. Lawrence became a passing acquaintance that showed up at weddings to provide flowers so it's very hard to say that it's okay with Mike that Lawrence is gay. She might think she's written a story about a friendship that transcends race and sexual preference but the honest fact is that Mike is still the horrified sixteen year old idiot who lost him shit because he thought his buddy was trying to seduce him.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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