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On raising the roof.

As we just saw the other day, one of the first things that Keith and Carol did once they moved into Connie's house was to redecorate the place to suit their tastes as well to eradicate any sign that Connie and Lawrence had ever lived there. While it's possible that the place could have gotten a little run down, it seems likely given what we're to see in the future that the Enjos simply didn't like her design choices and saw fit to remove perfectly good home furnishings to mark territory.

The next instance of this sort of remodeling for remodeling's sake appears next year when Connie is all giddy and upbeat about getting rid of the old lady smell at what's currently Mrs Baird's house to make it hers. Again, a perfectly lovely setting is rearranged so that someone can claim ownership by rearranging it to suit herself.

We contrast this with the Pattersons having to do so out of a necessity John regrets because the kitchen is not a room a man is 'supposed' to care about. Rather than do something nice for Elly of his own free will and because he's a sensitive guy who wants his wife to be happy, the whiny jackass grumbles and moans about having to sink money he has kind of more than is good for him on something for someone else. Well, there's that and having to add on an extra room because April fools all of us.

This, of course, is not to say that the Pattersons don't engage in remodeling in the end. First off, we have Deanna telling a reluctant imbecile husband that she doesn't want to live in a freaking mausoleum just because he's sick with nostalgia and on the second hand, we have Elly's remodeling of the Tiny Train House because she kind of married a dumbass who expected an eighty year old man to be able to keep his pad up to code. In both instances, the issue was sort of forced because the Pattersons are negligent chumps rather than picky idiots.
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