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On believing himself to be the problem

The other interesting thing about this whole business with Greg is that Lawrence believed that his liking him and wanting to take many steps with him was the reason that his Mom finally got the husband she wanted for whatever reason she wanted one. The reason that I mention this is that he seems to not be especially aware that he's not the stumbling block he thought he was. After all, Ted liked him a whole lot and also wanted to be his dad so it's not as if taking HIM on is the problem.

The problem is that children tend to not believe it when grown-ups say that no, their presence is not why the parents are fighting or divorcing or stuff like that. The Lynns of the world would see this as a sign that the kid thinks too highly of himself and matters more than he matters. Normal people realize that Lawrence believes that if he were a better, more likable kid, his mother would have gotten him a dad by now because kids tend to not notice that while a Ted might want to be a dad, he might not want to be Connie's husband.

The other contributing factor is, I should think, overhearing things that Mother doesn't realize he's listening to about how if she didn't have a kid, it'd be easier to grab onto a man. It took Lawrence until he grew up to realize what that meant is that it wasn't his kid radiation scaring men away that was to blame as such as it was men being too insecure to want to have a reminder that Wifey had a past that didn't have them in it that's the sticking point.
Tags: lawrence: cosmic plaything

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