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Attention must still not be paid.

The interesting thing that I noticed about Lizzie's rather obvious attempt to get Marian to look at her and tell her that she's doing good as a helper is that it reminds me that for some odd reason, Lynn fell in love with the image of a child somehow or other trying to make herself part of the luggage Jim and Marian take home with them when they leave. While Marian is as baffled by the need Lizzie and April had to want to be with them as she was when Mike expressed a similar wish, I should think that their wanting to live with the Olds forever and ever is rather easy to explain when you remind yourself of certain unpleasant facts.

The first unpleasant fact is often found either slumped down on the couch fast asleep or hidden behind a newspaper and tends to demand absolute silence when in either position while the second unpleasant fact can't focus on her pointless busywork when small children compete for what little space is left in her tiny mind. The problem is thus that Marian and Jim don't actually seem to flee from the sight of small children nor do they spend an untoward amount of time complaining about the lost time and energy involved in dealing with offsprings and small ones. Since they actually welcome the presence of children in their lives and don't realize that Elly and John don't, they're left flat-footed by the desire their grandchildren have to live with them.
Tags: chinnuts, grate grandmother marian, john and elly versus their children

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