dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On a possible reason for the non-interaction effect.

As we all know, the Christmas arc that's still sort of ongoing reminds us that Lynn has something of a failure of the imagination. Simply put, the reason why she didn't have Jim or Marian speak to Connie or Lawrence is that it looks as if she couldn't imagine what these people would have to say to one another. It's much like how the Housening felt sort of false because the place didn't look overcrowded; Lynn sure did love to have the characters speak about the problem but she sure didn't show it. It looked to all the world as if when one set of characters were speaking, the other groups ceased to exist.

The reason that I mention this is that maybe Lynn does actually have an idea of what Jim, Marian and Connie would end up talking about and doesn't like it. As we all know, it still bothers them that the smirking dope they call a son-in-law somehow or other prevailed upon her to throw their hard work in the trash by blowing off University and comparing notes with Connie might be sort of dangerous in that just maybe, they'll figure out that she sort of wanted to not get her degree. Either that or she'd gotten a letter from the dean explaining that since she spent most of her time goofing off, her place was to be given to someone taking education seriously. Similarly, it could be that if someone were to actually speak to April without calling her a picky-face or being an enormous goof like John and blathering about princesses, it might be that they'd realize that the chaos in the house was John and Elly's fault for raising Mike to be soft, dependent and stupid. When the wrong people get together, nothing good can arise so Lynn can't allow that to happen in her world.
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