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Becoming Human: Elly Patterson, Part Three.

The inability Marian had to quite see that Elly felt as if she could never measure up to the standard she set for her leads, I should think, into the third character trait I tend to associate with her: her unswerving belief that this life is a conspiracy in which everyone is allowed to be happy and be publicly praised and live a worthwhile life expect her. The problem I have with her problem is that she doesn't quite realize that she's setting herself up to fail.

We're going to see that in about eight months when she takes her short-sighted nincompoop son Mike's self-serving whining about how HER public identity is a bad thing that has to be suppressed so that HE can avoid being teased by irrelevant children seriously. She also stands there like an idiot and lets the smirking irritant talk her out of wearing shorts because it would make him look bad and doesn't quite understand why it is that someone who's shown that her self-respect is negotiable treats her as shabbily as Mike does. It's like Doctor Venture said....give'em an inch and they think they're rulers!

Of course, admitting that most of the reason that she's failing is due to her own choking when firmness is required is going to be a non-starter because she's not quite sold on this concept of cause and effect yet. She's as likely to admit "Hey! Letting my son get to me because I do what I want is a dumb thing!" as she is to admit that her childhood was not a bleak expanse of servitude because of her habit of glossing over her victories in life so that they too can be defeats.
Tags: elly versus mike, the middle years

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