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Becoming Human: John Patterson, Part One.

Since the John of the middle years seems to serve as something of a sounding board for Elly, it's rather a simpler task to explore who and what he is. It would seem to me that if we were to meet him in the real world, we'd see a rather goofily charming figure who's all bonhomie and smiles. We'd further assume that he's a bland, unflappable everyman who gets along with everyone. We'd be wrong because he's actually a cautionary example of the hazards of unearned, unacknowledged privilege and what happens when it's threatened.

As we see here, he seems to see himself as being assailed on all fronts by people who, for reasons that he doesn't understand, want to upset the very laws of nature by questioning the fact that he gets to do and say what he wants and that his person must, unlike those lesser than himself, must be kept inviolate. This, as I have said before is why he makes the same sort of decision Elly does for a different reason.

The best evidence of this is their joint decision to send Michael to Exile Farm for his own good. While we know that Elly thought it would be good for him (and her) for him to be isolated from a relationship that was moving far too fast for anyone's good, John stood on his hind legs and blustered about how Mike needed to be reminded that his attitude was all wrong. The reason Mike's attitude needed to be made right was, of course, that he'd made the mistake of forgetting that his humorless clod of a father has a fragile little ego that can't bear to tolerate his being questioned about anything.

That being said, what most annoys me is not that John made his life worse by being an unreasoning block of absolutism. What bothers me more is that (as I'm about to remind you) his need for an alcove in which he'd be protected from a world that wants him to live on his knees kept him from quite knowing who the people around him actually are.
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