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A modest proposal for a Delicate Genius.

It occurs to me that Michael might disagree with Liz's portrayal of their youth as the turbulent mess it was. Every one of his retcons and all the reminiscences we've seen so far in the hybrid would leave you with the impression that he fell out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Objective evidence yields a portrait of a sullen, rebellious, antagonistic young man with deep-seated trust issues. The man himself looks at the past through the distorting lens of nostalgia and sentiment, thus converting a troubled childhood into a dreamlike landscape of wonders. This is his response to the catastrophe that wrecked his family: the near-death by drowning of his sister April. The Howard Bunt incident I mentioned yesterday reinforced and redoubled Liz's need to blame herself for someone else's mistakes. That nasty, self-defeating trend of falling on her sword started at a river-bank twelve years ago while she was standing over a dog's corpse. John and Elly both shifted the blame for this onto their child when, in fact, it was their lookout. Mike, on the other hand, refuses to ask himself the question 'Who's to blame, really?' because he thinks that he can buy peace at the expense of truth. In his mind, it was just an unlucky break, not the result of the megligent parenting that blighted his childhood. If he did write an honest account, he'd slay a dragon that's been stalking him all his life. This dragon wears her hair in a bun and eats muffins. Instead of the shiny, happy lies he's telling his children, we'd hear the sordid little story of a stubborn, resentful fool who witlessly pitted her children against one another and nearly killed one outright because she thought that shouting was an adequate substitue for proper vigliance as well as the emotionally distant idiot who thought that dealing with children was beneath him. Once Mike pulled those skeletons out of his closet, he'd probably make a ham-fisted attempt to make up for being a lousy older brother and engage in some really half-assed over-parenting. He'd still be a goof only he'd be a lot more likeable.
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