dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connections: John and Lizzie.

One of the more obvious things about John is that for some reason, he's convinced himself that how people feel about anything is a rather irrelevant concern. To his way of thinking, emotions are squishy, untrustworthy things that get in the way of the right thing happening. Given that the right thing tends to be "Elly shutting up about feeling lost and overwhelmed by housework because Mom never complained" and "Mike not giving me any lip about how I'm a self-serving clod when I remind him that he owes me for doing him the favor of giving him a place to live", it's sort of obvious that John blinds himself to the emotional needs of his family in order to not have to realize that he's a selfish creep.

This is why he's oh so out of his depth when he has to deal with the fallout of Lizzie's feeling depressed about her looks and such. As I've said before, the man was too busy condemning Lizzie for sucking her thumb and thereby risking her teeth growing in crooked that he completely blanked out on why she did so. Since he won't allow himself to remember the fact that he too was once a child who felt as if a bad grade or a cutting remark on the playground was the end of the world, he assumes sight unseen that since his past was the carefree romp that his parents remember differently that Liz has no problems in her life.

Meanwhile, she's trying to understand why a loving Daddy would want to put an ugly appliance that would make her life worse in her mouth because she can't quite allow herself to realize that the loving Daddy she thinks she has doesn't actually exist. For John to be a loving anything, he'd first to have empathy and that's the one thing he won't allow himself to feel because doing so would possibly make him the bad guy.
Tags: john versus knowing his family, liz on a different cross

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