dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sons and daughters of Foob: Aaron and Kate and Mike and Liz.

An important part of understanding the creator of this mess is to look at her real children and compare them to their fictional versions. Her real children are more enthusiastic in telling people these goons are simply aspects of Mommy's personality than she is and you can see why. We have Aaron, who currently lives in Vancouver where he works in the television industry. I don't really know about his domestic arrangements because he has the common decency to keep his private life private, but whatever his marital status, he probably wouldn't seriously consider marrying someone he met in grade school. He's learned from his mother's mistakes, as has his sister Kate, a single (as far as I know) ski instructor also living in B.C. She most likely doesn't find the idea of hooking up with her high school boyfriend especially romantic or sensible. When and if they marry, they would most likely do so on their own terms while keeping their parents at arms length, like normal people should. As for a desire to inherit the family home, you can forget it. They ain't the Cartwrights and Lynn's pad ain't the Ponderosa. Granted, they may pass by the Johnston house in, say, twenty or so years from now and ask the new owners if they could maybe take a look around but that'd be it. We got two normal, productive average members of society who know their Mom sees as something of an embarrassment. Why else would she transform them from guys you'd drink beer with to the loathsome nitwits we see in the strip. It's gotta be something of a trial for these two schmucks to spend each and every day witnessing their mother's belief that the implausibly cliché lifestyle that Mikerobe and Lizardbreath have is BETTER and more desirable than the one they've created for themselves. Would you want anyone thinking you had ANY link to these freaks? She, no doubt, believes they can't be living their lives PROPERLY because it's OBVIOUSLY taking them in the wrong direction; away from her. The stupid bitch will die not making the connection between her daily put-down and the glacial relationship she has with her kids.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, lynn versus the real world, the delicate genius v. the world

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