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On significant hairdos.

Another of the odd little bits of trivia I've noticed is that by the end of the year, Lynn changes what Lizzie looks like for the next three years or so. Instead of being the sort of Sally Brown wannabe that she was in the Early Years, the Lizzie of the early Middle Years wears her hair in Cindy Brady-like twin tails. The reason that I mention this is that her doing so heralds in a rather irritating pitched battle that Elly and the kids undergo for the next little while: the need Elly has to keep her children safe by controlling what they wear. As we're about to see in about seven months, the first skirmish has Elly lose her grip on reality because some child's parent agreed to let her wear earrings so that obviously meant that Lizzie wanted to turn her back on childhood and grow up too fast.

As I've said before, this is sort of a polygamous marriage between Elly's need to blame Evil Conflict Causing Men for trying to take her baby away from her and replace her with one of 'them', her panicky dread that the Quality Women will shoot her for letting her children dress 'that' way and her antipathy towards letting Lizzie's peers decide what's acceptable to wear. As we've seen, the same Elly would have stood around screaming about the fascist take-over of Canada had what she would have no problem imposing on Liz and delighted to inflict on April, there's only one set of people who get to decide what's right to wear to class: the lovely teachers who nobly turn up air conditioners to shame children into wearing uniforms. This means that whenever a female child changes her hairstyle, this means that Elly will immediately run around in circles and start screaming about how her BABY is in a world of dangerous information.
Tags: elly lives in a world of magic, freefloating commentary

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