dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On sugar cereal and its lousy influence on Jan Eliot.

As you will recall, I've made a LOT of noise about how I think that Lynn is a pretty god-awful influence on Jan Eliot....and I ain't talking about how she imitates that stupid, STUPID palms-out pleading gesture or how it's held as axiomatic that Holly can't be listened to because doing so would posit a cruel, terrible world in which Val is a short-sighted, panicky failure who takes things too damned seriously.

What I'm talking about today is how she faithfully imitated her hero's need to conveniently hear brand names in such a fashion as to take any sort of thing that isn't to her taste and make it into a plot to make the lives of We MOMS!!!!! worse. Just as Lynn turns "Quarter pounder" or "pizza" into junk food and the brand name of everything produced by General Mills and his infantry into "sugar cereal," Eliot translated things in such a way as to make a toy into something that oppressed her and cute shoes into a sign that Holly was and is a willing slave of men who make of her a commodity. The interesting thing is that Val's ultra-reasonable response was to simply drive off to the middle of nowhere so as to bring the real Christmas to her unwilling twelve-year old because she has life too easy what with being lectured 24/7/365 by a blousy and unsympathetic loud-mouth mother what an ungrateful little bitch she is because she isn't a mindless loudspeaker for progressive thinking.

This sort of thing almost makes Val's being frogmarched down the aisle because the other busybodies who need to learn to step the Hell off and not take life so damned personally insist on saving her from comfort and ease appropriate. The way I see it, live by foobery, DIE by foobery.
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