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The escape your children clause.

The current arc is, I should think, rather instructive in its own little way. This is because we're being given an insight into why it is that Elly resents her children as much as she does when she alludes to how Jean no longer thinks that being a traditional stay-at-home mother is all it's cracked up to be. As I've said before, Lynn tends to take every little thing far too seriously and thus seems to see it as axiomatic that new-born children feign helplessness as a means of depriving their mothers of time to themselves. Were that not bad enough, it's also axiomatic that children grow clingy and dependent and thus think that a world in which mothers are treated like people too is one in which they've been cruelly deprived of something they see as a necessity.

What this all means is that it's kind of obvious that Elly thinks that if John had drunk a tall, cool glass of shut-yer-fat-yap and let her put Mike and Lizzie into daycare at six months of age and not acted as if it was the end of everything ever if she had a real job like everyone else gets, she'd think more highly of them and they'd be better children. It matters not that Elly can no more handle disagreement than her fragile oaf husband can or that she'd feel as if she were being replaced and forgotten. What does matter is that she's lost six years of her life chasing after children who won't admit that she too has needs because she too is a person without thanks or sympathy and she can never get it back. Therefore, the need to make sure that no other person she cares about is trapped and alone and filled with resentment.
Tags: elly loves daycare, elly versus her family

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