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Michael and his own personal struck chord.

Of course, it's not just that Elly and the other Pattersons never seem to quite understand the ground rules in any given situation that makes them scramble around like idiots. We also have to contend with the fact that they aren't especially honest about their feelings when we have to ask ourselves why they do all the silly and annoying things they do.

The Patterson who seems to best embody this need to avoid admitting to a rather obvious character flaw is Michael. As we know, everyone on Earth who isn't him accepts as a matter of fact that he's always been jealous of Liz and always sort of will be. Elly wishes it weren't the case, John accepts it as an inevitability, Lizzie wonders why it is that he's scared of someone like her and everyone else just sort of shrugs and takes it as a given that Mike resents Liz for no greater reason that he's not the center of attention any longer. That being said, there is one person out there who says that Mike doesn't have a jealous bone in his body: Michael himself.

As Deanna found out when he whined that he had to be a churlish boor because Liz was cuter, our boy says that he has the best of intentions and no way is he any sort of extra-bad person who feels bad things like jealousy, not him, no way, the greatest kid ever could never feel something as rotten and stinky as jealousy or envy. It's the fact that other people didn't give him the kid brother he wanted that makes him act that way. This sort of pleading the question by means of a fall guy is something he does in order to avoid admitting that yes, he can do bad things and think bad things like other people.
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