dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Melody Morrison: grade school Therese Arsenault.

As I've said before, I really wish that Lynn had skipped the first year of strips and gone directly from 31 August 2008 to a reprint from 1 September 1980 so that she wouldn't have made all of the many baffling continuity errors she made during the hybrid experiment. If she had, we would have been treated to a rather interesting arc THIS year instead of during 2016. Said arc is the Valentine's Day arc in which Lizzie is too damned intimidated by some girl named Melody Morrison to think straight. While the eventual stupid moral of the Melody arc is "Lizzie doesn't realize that grown-ups ALSO play stupid playground games with one another", the lead-up sure looks a damned sight like a foretelling of Liz playing a stupid playground headgame with an ice queen who clearly hates her and clearly wanted her to fall on glare ice because the alternative would mean admitting that someone could be and was intimidated by her constant unwelcome and inappropriate presence.

Just as she doesn't understand that her standoffishness with Melody kept them from being friends or that Candace didn't give her the insecurities she fed on, Liz doesn't understand that while it's true that she never intended to get in Therese's way, it's also true that she sure didn't spend any time wondering why it is that she always seemed to end up staring at an angry Franco-Ontarian every time she attended a social function organized by Mike's pal Gordon. Understanding that there's more to a situation than meets the eye is not something Lizardbreath has ever been good at and she'll go right on not seeing past surface impressions. It's a good thing for Mike that she's that way because she still doesn't know about the weddings for heart and for show and would clearly react in the negative were someone to accidentally tell her.
Tags: lizardbreath: complete dunderhead

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