dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the genetic predisposition towards belief in implausible doomsday scenarios.

As we know, one of the plot threads involved in Lynn's current attempt to nag Rod about how bad an idea pursuing his love of dentistry when the superior destiny of caring for someone who was busy willing herself into becoming helpless awaited him is her nagging Aaron about expecting his mother to actually do the odd bit of housework so that his classmates wouldn't ride him about how odd the dentist's wife is. When he isn't wailing about how deprived he is because his mother hasn't been forced to put her life on hold just in case a lazy, selfish, thoughtless little rat bastard idiot kid might need his shoes tied or some damned thing or how he's been reduced to the sort of horrible slave called a housewife, he's busy conjuring up a doomsday scenario in which his vindictive parents will make him work and work and work and work and never play or laugh or be happy if he doesn't peel carrots.

This sounds somewhat familiar to me because it reminds me of a scenario in which Elly clearly seemed to believe that the police were going to gun him down in the streets like a dog because nuclear war made him turn his back on happiness, kindness and goodness and dress like Adam Ant for Halloween. It also reminds me of an insane scenario in which John thought that the princess he'd had no idea that he'd raised wanted Mike and his family to freeze and die so she could have her bedroom because teenagers are short-sighted....not to mention how Liz is still convinced that Therese is an evil, puppy-kicking reptilian alien who wants her to die alone because she can't quite figure out that Anthony isn't the last best hope but just the one most convenient for the people of Milboring. It even reminds me of how April is still probably convinced that Becky wants to crush everyone and laugh because the alternative is admitting that yes, she is jealous of her talent. In all of those cases, crazy-ass bullshit apocalyptic scenarios are preferred to the truth because the truth is a lot harder to take. In Mike's case, the fear has the rather obvious source of his being made to admit that now that Lizzie is here, he's just the old model and has to settle for less in life. Every damned thing is seen as a sign that he can't be listened to or allowed to enjoy things because no one wants to have him around now that they've got the baby who can just burp and she's loved and no one is listening and no one loves him.

In this, he's rather similar to Elly and her fear that no one wants to listen to a word she says. Behind her shrill screams about how much trouble Mike would get in for wearing the costume of anarchy and ugliness and war and doom is a woman who feels as if she's supposed to have her voice surgically removed because she's just a housewife. The problem is that the two of them are too similar to really communicate all that well.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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