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On the root cause of the aversion to logic.

The interesting thing about the recent "Michael versus mathematics" arc is that we're not looking at Aaron's struggles with long division. What we're looking at is Lynn getting her bowels in an uproar because people who hate her want her to understand the numbers that were only invented to make her look foolish and ignorant. At one point, Rod had got fed up with having to dote on a grown woman as if she were some sort of infant who, given how she made a joke of the habit in public as if it were something to be proud of, delighted in her refusal to not be hopelessly dependent on others and flat out said that she has an active aversion to logical thinking. This sort of thing bleeds into the strip and takes the form of John understanding finances and Elly being so overwhelmed that she ends up selling the bookstore to the person who was actually running it in the first place.

The interesting thing about this is that we get to see the underlying problem when she bought Farley the squeaky toy and he 'oppressed' her by playing with the damned thing. The look of baffled horror on her face tells us that yet again, the last question on Elly Patterson's mind is "What did you think was going to happen?!" We are, after all, dealing with a woman who jjamele said thinks along the following lines:

"I gave my dog a squeak toy, and he made it squeak. I gave birth to children, and there were children in my house. I got married, and I had a husband. I drove a car, and I had to put gas in it. I lived in a house, and I had to clean it. All my life, these things keep happening to me. I do not understand."

because she thinks that someone creative like herself shouldn't have to live in a world where she has to do things that are unpleasant. You and I might see a woman who firmly believes that she should have been able to give birth and then drop the kids off on someone else forever when she got bored and go back to what she was doing before she got pregnant as an insane, lazy and selfish monster; she sees herself as being cruelly victimized because baffling things like having to live with the consequences of her decisions keep happening.

This is why she has an instinctive dread of mathematics. Mathematics, you see, herald in a horrible, cruel world of things unfair like having to raise the children you gave birth to even though it's boring and tiresome and you get called the bad guy and people expect you to do it without being thanked. They also herald in a world wherein husbands can tell scary stories about being dismembered and your refusal to face them without blubbering means that people can call you a stupid flake and get away with it. Since numbers cannot be pleaded with nor threatened or cajoled into changing what they mean to make Elly feel better about herself, she gave up on them long ago and let other people deal with them. The end result is that she's become as pathetically dependent on other people's good will to survive as her creator. It also lends credence to my theory that John and the kids conspired to get Liz married to Anthony because protecting Elly comes before personal happiness.
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