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On the alleged rebelliousness of the Patterson children.

As I've said too damned much already, it's kind of obvious that Elly and John made the laughable and destructive mistake of assuming that their children were some sort of dangerous rebels who would bring shame and ruin on them. If it isn't John making stupid, panicky and ignorant noise about how Mike's possession of free will will surely herald in an era of total anarchy making them look like ugly fools, it's Elly's lunatic misapprehension that a tepid case of puppy love will immediately result in the child she's panicking about at the time dropping out of school (like she did) and ruining all their plans for said child for a silly and stupid reason (also like she did.)

The laughable thing about all of this is that history reminds us that Mike, Liz and April were the most craven conformists to have ever lived. Never did Mike ever question the assumption that men proposed and women disposed, never did he understand that he had an edge in life because of his gender and never once did he see that maybe he shouldn't get his way all the time. Similarly, Liz never bothered trying to live in a world where she wasn't somehow or other put on this Earth to meekly marry whoever her Daddy said to. Hell, even April only seemed to feign rebellion because that was her job or something.

This means that we had to endure a lot of pointless nonsense about non-existent rebellion because stupid parents confuse the docile sheeple they raised with monsters because the form their baleful regimentation took made them question their parents in specific despite not questioning their parents' values to the least degree. Simply put, the kids are goose-steppers who march blindly to follow societal norms who are miscalled trouble-makers because they resent having John and Elly tell them what to do because it's an unpleasant reminder that they kind of have to because no one else will. Left to their own devices, they tend to sit on the couch and vegetate.
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