dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The perils of low expectations....

So, here we are looking at Mike as a child. He is almost Central Casting's ideal of the unremarkable little boy: dull-witted, lazy and selfish. The only thing that seems to have sparked his curiosity is finding out what he can get away with. Other than that, he sat around like a sullen lump in front of the televison whining about being bored and lonely. It's a good thing for him that his family had such hilariously low expectations, right? We'd consider a scruffy little jackass who repeated some stupid-ass joke he heard, but didn't understand, so he could see his dad squirm as an annoying pain in the nethers. To the low-expectation having Pattersons, he's obviously wise beyond his years. To them, a flat-footed, destructive little numbskull has got to be an unrecognized genius. This, as trumanf has said, is why they find Assthony impressive; they're too easily impressed by the wrong things. The reason is simple: they're vain and ignorant. Liz would rather puff Mike up into something he ain't than cop to being outwitted all her life by a blockhead.
Tags: foobs aiming low.

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