dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On working to death in the Pattersphere.

One of the most irritating aspects of the Housening that wasn't the point-blank refusal to treat April like a person with legitimate concerns was the baffling and stupid whining Deedoormat did about how Mike's cushy job as a middle-management type was going to kill him stone dead. According to the most comically inept pharmacist ever, commuting and spending all day whimpering about the unfairness of actually having to decide things was the moral equivalent of the Bataan death march. The reason that this irritated me is that we're dealing with the imbecilic echo of the Early Years that posited the fact that being a dentist was slowly killing John by being soooooo exhausting, he HAD to stumble into the house looking like something that got chewed up and spat out.

This, if I might be allowed a measure of whimsy, is the result of a collision between balder and dash at the intersection of Crazy and Stupid. Every God-damned day, Mike and John stumbled into their houses as if they'd never worked a day in their lives after doing rather light work. Since dealing with the public and shuffling papers isn't really all that taxing despite being subjected to the horror of being told what to do and to not deviate from instructions even if it was 'boring', the only reason that either of them should look like the walking dead is if they'd picked up a bug or something so we add a measure of insult to the implausibility.

Given that Lynn's blathering about over-work seems to have always been code for her need to keep Rod from working at all because of her need to be taken care of, I should think that we're dealing with her projecting her own feeling that being bossed and not being able to do whatever whenever by someone who wants her to suffer or whatever onto him because of her inability to realize that people might actually like working. Having her understand that people actually look forward to getting up and doing things is as difficult as making her understand people working towards a long-term goal when it's as obvious to her that not being instantly good at something is bad and wrong or whatever.
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