dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The fifth treasury: what might have been.

As we all know, the treasuries are pretty much a thing of the past. As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that I'm going to have to discuss the fact Lynn saw fit to end what she refers to as the second half of what would have been the third treasury had there been a market for them; I wouldn't mind that so much were it not for the fact that the premise of said strip is "Children just plain fight over nothing WE MOMS can understand so get off my back about Elly stupidly pitting them against one another."

The reason that this is a shame is that if a fifth treasury had been approved (let's call it 'Broadening Experiences' and imagine the cover had Elly staring all panicky at a mirror because her poor posture has added more to her alleged girth), we would have been able to enjoy Lynn's tortured logic about bringing Connie and her hangers-on back, a multiple-choice thing about the failed camping trip and (most importantly) her take on Irene's leaving Ted and the glee she derived from jamming it to all the people who didn't want to marry her back in the day. Granted, we would have to endure poor design, irritating press clippings and those stupid pieces of new-run interstitial art but I do sort of miss not having that to comment on.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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