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Further notes on the nut with the sandwich board

Of course, the flipside of knowing about the Leahs, Irenes and Gap-toothed Smiley-faced HOO!!! guys of the strip is knowing that to most people, Elly herself is simply a walk-on in the story of their lives. As I've said before, most of her inner conflict is motivated by realizing this and struggling against it because she realizes what they see and it makes her feel bad about herself. She, I should think, does not adjust well to the realization that to most people, she's seen as either "Doctor Patterson's crazy wife who's always on his case about how no, she's not the worst cook in the world" or "Mike/Lizzie/April's anxious and angry mother" and wants very much to find a different phrase to sum herself up.

We're going to be seeing this in the coming months when Elly launches her crusade to save the old Town Hall from being demolished so that (as she perceives it) the sports people don't use sports to keep the arts from getting funded or whatever. As we know, Elly seems to see herself as a sort of savior of the arts from the vandalizing forces of jockdom; as we also know, she ends up with the public image of "that infernal nuisance making a fool of herself protesting something no one else cares about." This would be bad enough for her self-esteem in and of itself were it not for the fact that her campaign gets hijacked by a politician on the make and she isn't able to position herself as a sort of player. What ends up happening is that Mike's prediction about how someone like Radcliffe would have no problem claiming exclusive credit to her idea ended up being accurate. The end result is that he's the saviour of Milborough's past and she spent the longest time being known as the absurd fool making noise about nothing.

Ah, well. At least it beats the other identity she ended up earning: the oblivious idiot shopkeeper who let herself get stolen from and tried to ignore it because the thief blew sweet, sweet smoke up her arse. If I were her, I think I'd rather be known as a purveyor of dubious meals or an inept seamstress than any of the public identities she blundered into having.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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