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Further notes on getting the face with the smile on it.

As Elly's encounter with Kortney reminds us, John's stupid and inaccurate comment about how you can't cheat an honest man seems to ignore a very real problem: people maybe want to be cheated sometimes. Aside from the very real need she had not to be the bad guy and make a decision when dithering was more to her tastes, there really doesn't seem to be any other explanation of her reluctance to consider the possibility that Kortney had been playing her for a sucker that isn't her wanting to be deceived because being lied too felt almost as good as thinking that a lying huckster was a troubled soul who did things for a mysterious motive instead of being someone who realized early on that taking advantage of a gullible ninny with a bottomless appetite for praise was like taking candy from a candy-hating baby.

While Kortney did seem to have started out as looking like someone so stupid that she needed a spotter to breathe, it soon turned out that she was simply something of a parasite trading on the same sort of idiot generosity that Elly only seems to display to people who are actively trying to take advantage of her. Fortunately for Elly, someone with the will to dare and to do saw right through the sob story and confronted the jerk. Despite the hindrance of having to wait for Elly to leave town and thus give Kortney time to come up with a cover story good enough to fool people, Moira did save Elly from her own stupidity and explain to her that she'd been lied to for quite a bit of time. Elly's reaction was one of disbelief and to assume that Kortney was simply a troubled child who needed a hug and stuff when it was obvious as all Hell that she took someone for a ride with her own permission because she wanted to feel like a mentor guiding someone instead of an employer looking out for the bottom line.

This means that Elly is as honest as they come about what she wants out of life and what she expects of the people around her but she still got played for a sucker because asking the right questions makes her feel bad.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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