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On not being there for your kids.

As you know, I think that the reason that Elly thinks that people who aren't barging on in and publicly shaming adulterers want adultery to happen is that she has a rather skewed idea of what constitutes cause and effect. This belief, I should think, is best summarized thusly:

  1. John and the others tell me that it would serve no useful purpose interfering in other people's lives.
  2. This will have the effect of a situation I hate being made to continue.
  3. This means that the only possible reason that they want me not to act is that they approve of the situation because if they didn't, they'd be helping me shame people.

I also believe that Elly can't and won't believe in honest mistakes that aren't meant to hurt her because she deliberately confuses how an action makes her feel with the intent of the person who's irritating her. This is why she stood there making an ugly and ignorant fool of herself when Lizzie lost her glasses and totally flaked on how bad her daughter felt because it wasn't about Lizzie being made to feel foolish, it's all about how Elly is inconvenienced and can't be anything else because if it is, Elly is the self-absorbed and spoiled brat her mother calls her.

We're about to see this faulty logic come into effect next week when Elly nails herself to her cross because Lizzie volunteered her to help out at a bake sale when there were back steps to sweep and laundry to be done inefficiently and incompetently. Lizzie wanted to show the world that her mommy isn't (as the ladies in the neighborhood say) a standoffish hermit who's too full of herself to help out unless she can be given a ticker-tape parade; Elly stood there wailing about how horrible it was to have the child set the agenda when 'everyone' knew that Mommy has to have complete control. What Lizzie did by having Elly stand there with her deer in a headlight stare because she had to sell cookies instead of doing whatever stupid timewaster she had planned is that the ladies who tell themselves 'Don't ask the Patterson woman for help unless you can make her think she's in charge' are right.
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