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For better or for testosterone.

I should think that the oddest thing that has been said about the whole stupid revenge fantasy soap opera arc is this comment:

The neat thing about Irene was that she took Ted away from Connie. Connie could move on.

Lynn made about how Connie is magically really finally free to move on with her life now that Ted is married. You and I and most everyone in the world believe that the Connie-and-Ted dynamic auto-destructed three months ago when she got engaged to Greg's money and respectability. It seems to me that were we to point out that Connie had already moved on, we'd probably endure Lynn rolling her eyes and explaining that as long as Ted was in play, he could somehow call a halt to the proceedings and she's simply have to put her life on hold until such time as he let her go. No amount of explaining to her that Connie shouldn't be expected to live her life on stand-by waiting for Ted to become wonderful would leave much of an impression owing to her vintage belief system.

This would be bad enough were it not for the fact that this belief that some random idiot has the right to tell a woman to simply play romantic freeze tag in order to prove herself worthy of his love ends up appearing again. First off, we have to deal with the fact that Mike is going to spend an inordinate amount of time wailing about how Rhetta never really loved him at all and was just this big phony who strung him along to crush his heart in her great big machine because the idea of sitting on folded hands while he got to alley-cat around was seen as possibly unfair. In the real world, Mike would be the object of derisive hooting. In the Foobiverse, the maudlin ninny is the figure of sympathy.

This leads to something of a crazy-ass reverse of the situation when, a few months after his despicable good-bye e-mail, he's castigated by Deanna for not ordering her to weasel out of her engagement like he had every right to. While most of us are wondering what the Hell kind of shallow twinkie and slack-jawed doormat Deanna is for assuming that the drooling jackass has the right to command her heart, it's obvious that this is written by and for nitwits with a love of spineless, gutless and whining authoritarian menfolk.

Speaking of Anthony, we can neither forget nor forgive his graceless, despicable and down-right evil bleating about how Liz should promise to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT for him to destroy his marriage with Evil Career Woman nor should we lose sight of the fact that the imbecile author decreed that LIZ MUST SUFFER because she didn't wait for Anthony all those years ago. God. Given what's about to happen in Funky Winkerbean, you'd assume she was getting writing tips from Tom Batiuk.
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