dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On not following the destructions redux.

It would seem that perhaps, the notes might actually survive the Treasuries. If so, this is a good thing because their presence helps solve certain in-strip mysteries. As by way of example, Monday's notes revealed that Lynn (and thus by extension, Elly) believes that following any sort of recipe or direction when she cooks is a silly waste of time that serves only to clutter up counter spaces and require her to be all fiddly and fussy and frustrated. To her mind, something imprecise and quick and easy is better than something that takes patience and accuracy; this seems to be akin to Elly's idea that cheap sheets that pill up and thus need to be shaved and replaced on a frequent basis are a better bargain than better quality sheets that last longer.

The result of this need Elly has not to be hampered by precise, proper procedures that bore her and make her frustrated is, of course, horrible cooking. Similary, her disaffection for following the fussy, fiddly and frustrating instructions on detergent bottles and annoying, time-wasting rules like separating clothes into whites, lights and darks mean that she does too much laundry because she's too dumb to realize that her current policy of "just fire everything right on into the machine and SAVE TIME" is why she can never seem to get clothes clean.

This is because her need to bomb on quickly through life and damn the cost has the revenge effect of stealing hours she'll be begging for on her death bed, never realizing that she's the disturbed and disturbing proof that haste makes waste.
Tags: elly lives in a world of magic

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