dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Iris: Patron saint of observer error.

Today's Rememberance Day strip was fairly poignant up till the last panel. We saw how the speaker at the televised ceremony's words took Jim back to wartime, how vivid his memories of those years were. Then Iris came along and said that he'd missed the whole thing by sleeping thorugh it. Par for the course with that one, right? Back before his second stroke, the only time she gave him what he wanted is when it was what she thought he needed. The rest of the time, his desires were frustrated by her giving him plenty of what he didn't want. I'd say off-hand that Iris's chief problem is her inability to look too far past the surface of things, to stretch herself intellectually. The doctor says her husband may not have all his faculties so she interpreted his refusal of what he's supposed to want accordingly. Now that he's in worse shape due to a second stroke, she doesn't admit to herself that he's dying in front of her eyes. It's a good thing that it's always going to be the 2007-2008 school year in the strip because I'd say that by July or so in real time, Jim will dance off to the Other Side, with Iris soon to follow after. After all, taking care of him is all she's got to keep her going, so when he passes, she'll do so shortly afterward. The only thing sadder than that is that the Pattersons rely on her to tell them what the deal is with him. Since she can't see what's going on, neither can they.
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