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On the real meaning of monsters.

Now that we're celebrating April's twenty-fourth birthday, it behooves us to wonder if she finally realizes that Becky wasn't trying to steal imaginary boyfriends or crush her with her star power. We knew going in that April was always jealous of her friend to a degree despite her refusal to admit to being jealous because she'd had it hammered into her that the slightest inclination that she did envy people made her totally bad and selfish; it just took her longer than most of her family to turn someone who was in her way into a monster.

The problem, of course, is that the belief in monsters has blighted her life and served to make her a slave of someone's family politics: her own. John and Elly might cloud the issue by trying to make her see that Becky's parents are the real monsters by raising her improperly and Eva Warzone might switch the focus back to Becky for wanting to crush people but the end result is the same: to confuse and distract April from the fact that her parents are not working in her best interests and are reducing her to fealty to their need to live parasite lives as recompense for made-up hardships. It has also deprived her of a truly sympathetic friend who would not spout nonsense stores about refugees and bad hair days in order to avoid having to feel empathy for someone they're exploiting.

Similarly, Mike probably still believes that real generosity is a trap Mira is laying so that his parents can siphon away his vital fluids and Deanna can punish her mother for telling her what to do and also for not meekly obeying HER DADDY!!! and Liz still thinks that Thérèse is plotting to ruin her because her parents need a bookkeeper in the family.
Tags: april versus becky, ogres are us

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