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John and the monsters.

Of course, there's another reason that John has raised the kids to believe in monsters: he needs to believe in monsters in order to protect himself from having to wonder if he's the bad guy. We know that up until she has the fear of being enslaved by Mira's family politics to distract her, Elly occasionally allowed herself to entertain the idea that she might be in the wrong but what the lack of focus on John makes less clear than it ought properly to be is that one of the surest ways to get on his bad side is to make any implication that he's the villain of the piece.

We sort of hit the ground running with this in the dawn era of the strip when he got all antsy about the terrible possibility of Elly 'destroying' the home by working outside it and not merely being content to be thought of as the adjunct to a man. Rather than admit that she has a point about his being a selfish idiot who won't let go of an advantage he didn't earn, he spent an inordinate amount of time blaming her existential crisis on woman hormones making a monster of her because the alternative is being an ogre.

Similarly, he seems to have wasted most of his adult life in a blind, rage-filled panic about how his children defy him at every turn and also seem to want to make him their slave when good kids would obey his every whim. I should think that his father's laughter when he reminded John that he too went through a surly, defiant phase was inspired by the fact that instead of a man knowing that this too shall pass, his son is still a spoiled and mean-spirited child throwing a tantrum when things aren't going his way. It sucks to be his kids because he knows damned well that they aren't going to get the benefit of wisdom that doesn't exist but at least he has a bit of fun knowing that John is always going to be an angry, stupid know-it-all that never learns from his mistakes.
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