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The wherefores of the monsters.

Of course, distracting yourself from the realization that you yourself might be a monster isn't the only thing they're good for. John's need to believe in monsters so as to avoid having to agree with Porkypine when he said "Don't take life so serious, son....it ain't nohows permanent!" is counter-balanced by April's need to not face the fact that her family are monsters.

First off, we have to remember that April is blessed with a mother who blames her for the loss of options she would have been too chicken-hearted to explore in the first place. It really isn't April's fault that Elly has no idea how to function in the modern labor force and tends to lose interest in attempts to get that degree she'd like.

Second, we have to remember that she also has a father who had no use for her because she wasn't a "real" little girl. When one considers that this means that he wanted a passive doll-child who'd stroke his ego, flirt with him and not challenge him, one is less than sympathetic to his plight and perhaps wishes that rabid cop Elliot Stabler would show up and adjust his attitude.

Third, we have to remember that she has had an older brother who ignored her, an older sister who sees her as part of the reason that no one wants to talk to her and who thus needs to be slapped down and a sister-in-law who regards her as someTHING to be exploited. The realization that April sometimes makes is that no one really wants her around unless they can get something from her and are trying to get away from her. The problem is that the people who treat her like crap don't want to admit that their motives aren't virtuous so encourage her fears about this person who makes her feel uncomfortable. This means that she has to ask herself the same thing Ol'Porkypine told Pogo and Howland that Churchy La Femme should have asked when faced with the minor dilemma of having three predatory idiots using a witch-hunt to make him into an entree; she too gotta decide which is most insultin': to be cooked by such monsters as is agin her or WITH such monsters as is for her.
Tags: freefloating commentary, one big oblivious family

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