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Which cheering section is Lynn in?

I think that one of the most interesting things about Lawrence is his odd belief that yes, there should be marriage equality for gay people and yes, he has no intention of ever exploiting said equality because doing so would be pushy and wrong. This is something he has in common with a mother whose feminism and advocacy of equality dissipated once she got the token that said she was taken. This is because the two of them are creations of a woman who likes the idea of feminism in the abstract hates the idea being applied in the real world because entering into Man's world means one is a failure as a woman.

The most glaring example of this need to craft a big, ugly poster of John's face and caption in "JOHN WAS RIGHT" is, of course, Elly herself. Given that she turned into a wonder chef, wonder mother and wonder housekeeper after she 'decided' that wanting a career was destroying her, it's sort of obvious that just perhaps, crazy woman hormones actually were keeping her from enjoying her inevitable lot in life. The presence of Therese alienating herself from happiness by wanting a career but not especially wanting children tends to add credibility to the idea that Phyllis Schlaffly is ghost-writing the damned thing.

If so, she's being helped out by Tom Batiuk of the Insistent Hometown Fixation; that's because we learn through Liz that wanting to explore the scary, scary outside world is a silly idea that girls must be steered away from because it will only bring them pain. Also, we have to deal with Deanna being forced into a male occupation because it took Mike forever to man up and work out of the home instead of in the evil city; once he was safe at home where he belonged, a grateful Deanna could engage in the feminine pursuit of teaching knitting.

Finally, we have to contend with the fact that Evil Becky either deliberately pursued a course of action that alienated her from her female friends and their happy, productive lives or was pushed into it by unbalanced family politics. The idea that she might want to leave a town filled with Stepford robots who smile, smirk and simper as they sell their dignity and self-respect away for a mess of pottage is not one that occurs to a Lynn, Elly or Deanna because doing so means looking in the mirror and seeing a monster of self-hatred and internalized misogyny.
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