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Further notes on peer pressure.

The interesting thing about reading a year ahead is that we find ourselves contending with Elly's first real encounter with the peer pressure that always seems to come as a rude and horrible shock to her. While I do like to make a meal of saying that Elly is so blasted stupid and self-centered that she thinks that now that she no longer has to be judged by what the cool kids are wearing, peer pressure is obsolete, this is not the case. What appears to actually be happening is that Elly is so stupid and so convinced that people are trying to ruin her, she experiences some dumb kid who wants to rub Lizzie's nose in what she isn't wearing as plotting to overthrow her and set her and John's authority at naught because that's the only explanation possible. After all, Elly wouldn't feet as if someone was trying to dictate to her if that wasn't the case, right?

Also, it doesn't seem to matter that Lizzie feels as if her mother doesn't care how she gets treated by her peers if she doesn't fit in. This is because of another irritating factor that really comes into play when she eventually starts being a stick in the mud about what April can wear: the irritating mental misfire that makes every little step towards maturity into a sure sign that she'll die old, alone and forgotten. Most people see the stand-up row about wearing make-up or getting pierced ears as their trying to protect their child from the harsh outside world; Elly sees it as means to prevent her own immediate death. Protecting them from the phantom army of sexual deviants that only exists inside of her own fevered brain is a remote, secondary concern when compared to stiff-arming the ultimate evil conflict-causing MAN: Father Time.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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