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On being a howling success.

It would seem that we're about to see yet another sequence wherein the Pattersons grumble and snort about how Farley is a great big furry imbecile because they're all really bad at understanding how dogs think. As you know, I use the strips in which Elly yells at Farley because he uproots her bedding plants as an example of this idiotic tendency. What I see is a dog who has a favorite warm spot on the property he likes to sleep on. For some reason that his brain simply isn't able to understand, there are plants growing out of it that simply have to be removed. Also for some reason, the loud creature who is loud yells angrily at him and sticks more plants in the ground to make him uncomfortable. He can no more understand the fact that the loud creature who is LOUD wants the plants there and him to nap elsewhere than he can fly to the Moon so screaming at him and insisting that he's trying to oppress Elly because he's bad is somewhat on the unfair side.

This is because none of the brains trust at the Pattermanse have ever figured out that a dog has something called an associative memory. What this means is that if you train him to sit when he hears the word sit in one room, his inability to make the sort of generalizations that human beings do means that you actually have to do that for every room in the house. Since the Pattersons don't take that to heart and would bray and moan about the unfairness of it if they did, we're in for another week in which they growl at him for their own ineptitude. If the reprints go on for another ten years, we'll see the end result of their massive incompetence: a dead dog by a riverbank and stupid people blaming a four year old for the fact that the dimwit in the ponytail doesn't know how to talk to kids and never bothers to learn.
Tags: farley: chew toy of fate

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