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The informed wrongness perplex.

It's sort of obvious that one of Lynn's favourite premises is that in any conflict between the parents and children, we are expected to take John and Elly's side because they 'know' more. The rather poorly hidden subtext to that is, of course, that without a loving and well-informed parent who knows better supervising a child at all times and taking decision-making out of his or her incapable little hands, the child will always choose a catastrophic and destructive path because he or she does not know better.

The best example of this is, I should think, the dangerous information arc. Lynn's clear intent was, of course, to depict John and Elly as concerned parents who, unlike their foolish and naive daughter, knew what sources of information to trust and wanted to protect her from exploitation because, as a child, she clearly couldn't be trusted to know the right thing to do. Leaving aside the amazingly paternalistic nature of that belief, the problem is that, owing to Lynn's ignorance and stupidity, we ended up watching two frightened old dimwits running around in circles, jumping up and down and screaming about the need to turn the country into Communist China and ban EVERYONE from seeing anything that might possibly frighten or confuse them. You can't have loving, concerned parents who know better when you show panicky nincompoops who only seem to see their children as threats to their public image.

Neither can you have loving, trusting parents who are really concerned for their children's well-being when their idea of 'discussing' a topic that unsettles them is to trick a child into thinking she's disobeying her parents because Mommy had convinced herself that the child's stubborn refusal to listen to the factitious wisdom of her elders was the problem. Elly had disqualified herself as a source of advice when she told April to make friends with some creep who wanted to pummel her into a puddle because his daddy left him to play harmonica and didn't want to admit it so we get nonsense like the book arc.

You also can't have parents who know more and are more moral when it's obvious that the child has a better idea of the human cost of things than they care to have. When April talked about how terrible it would be were Anthony and Liz to try to worm their way back into each other's lives despite being spoken for, she was clearly meant to be an ignorant child who didn't realize how things worked. Given the high-five John and Elly were doing, it's kind of obvious that what's really going on it that they don't care if she's right or wrong because Elly's screwball fantasy of having the two of them get married because they look cute together takes precedence over the rights of some stranger who's in the way anyway and will get over feeling like she got mowed down by a teal-and-lavender steam roller because everyone really knows that what Elly wants is what's best for everyone and only pretend to behave differently to trick people into feeling sorry for them for nothing.

The end result of all of this is that owing to Lynn's laziness precluding her showing April actually being in the wrong, her warped values making what she's being wrong about unclear and her refusal to understand that not everyone shares her values, we end up with her not realizing why people join that silly child who should know that her parents don't want her to live in a dungeon in not seeing how neat that lying, manipulative, whining, self-absorbed and insensitive jackass Anthony is.
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