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On why making it their idea is a confusing thing.

What most bothers me about the endgame of the town hall arc is not the expected sleeveenery of a man like Radcliffe. What bothers me is that Elly didn't seem to see it coming and didn't seem to realize that it had happened. As we all know, Mike tells her that the best way to save the theater is to simply show the people who want to tear it down what they're tearing down; once they do, they'll tell the public that it was their idea to save it all along. What Elly's slack-jawed reaction tells us that she never even considered the possibility of doing so let alone that they'd hijack her idea to make themselves look better. Oh, sure, she did the same blasted thing to Michael but she never anticipated someone doing that to her.

The odd thing is that when it came to pass that Radcliffe had done exactly what Mike expected, Elly's reaction was not about how the slithering bag of puss had hijacked her idea AND made her look like an imbecile talking about nothing in the process. What most exercised her was not that her image was in the crapper again but that once again, she was a nobody with nothing to do with her life. Good thing for her that the fishing trip from Hell came along and scared Georgia into realizing that she would get nothing but the warm steam off the insurance agent's piss if Phil had died and left her merely the girl he was shacking up with. Arranging a wedding and totally ignoring Phil's "silly" concerns that he was making a terrible mistake and was doomed to ruin two lives in the name of conventionality gave her the sense of identity she craved.

The odder thing still is that she had to be told to do something that should have been fairly obvious to anyone who's ever seen a sitcom. You'd have thought that someone whose brain is made of media imagery and self-aggrandizement would have immediately come up with the idea of solving things via crazy schemes.
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